Design better pages in Gutenberg Editor.

EditorPlus extends Gutenberg editor with advanced design controls and more features. It adds the missing features to the WordPress editor that helps you create awesome websites faster.

Custom CSS Editor for Power Users

Even tho we have added visual style options for most of the CSS you may need. But you are not limited to that.

You can write your custom CSS code as well.

Global CSS

You can write global CSS that apply to the front-end and Gutenberg editor from the plugin admin area.

Block CSS

You can also write your custom CSS for any specific Gutenberg Block that applies only to it.

NoCode Visual Style Editor

Advanced styling controls to help you get more creative with design visually; without writing code. 


Add borders to any Gutenberg block visually.

Box Shadow

A visual box-shadow generator for Gutenberg.


Set width and height to any Gutenberg block.


Add a Background color, gradient, or image to any block.


Specify margin & padding to any WordPress Block.


Show / Hide blocks on a desktop, tablet, mobile, or hover.

⭐️ All these stylings can be adjusted for Responsive (Desktop, Tablet & mobile) and Hover!

There is more to come, get updates.

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